(Non) Parent / Nerodič

Golden Kingfisher – Documentary Films Competition


2017 Czech Republic 85 min. Language: Czech Subtitle: English


How many different forms and shapes does a family have in today’s society? How is it perceived by the state? What kind of a family do we want? Do we want it at all? Non-Parent is an in-depth intimate probe into parenthood and partnership. Six different stories, six approaches to parenthood and the impact that these attitudes and decisions have on life. The writer-director Jana Počtová has made a name for herself with Generation Singles and her series The Philantropist.


DIRECTED BY Jana Počtová

CINEMATOGRAPHY Ferdinand Mazurek, Petr Koblovský

SOUND Ivan Horák

PRODUCERS Golden Dawn Česká televize


EDITING Adéla Špajlová

MUSIC Dušan Vozáry

CO-PRODUCER Nadace Crocodille