Golden Kingfisher - Serial TV and Internet Production Competition


2019 Czech Republic 17 min. Language: Czech


Fifteen-year-old Marty had his whole life ahead of him. But now he's dead. All that's left is a series of chilling videos he made shortly before his death. His grieving father is putting together the pieces of Marty's online life to uncover the circumstances of his tragic end. The eight-part #martyisdead thriller is inspired by true cases of cyberbullying and won an award for the Best Webseries in Central and Eastern Europe at Serial Killer festival of TV and web serie


DIRECTED BY Pavel Soukup


SOUND Jakub Šimandl

PRODUCERS Mall TV - Milan Kuchynka, Vratislav Šlajer, Jakub Košťál, Lukáš Záhoř

SCREENPLAY Jaroslav T. Miška, Jan Stehlík

EDITING Tomáš Holocsy

MUSIC Jindřich Kravařík

CAST Jakub Nemčok, Petra Bučková, Jan Grundman, Sára Korbelová, Matěj Havelka, Jan Zadražil, Nataša Gáčová a další