4 Kings / 4 Könige

German Cinema


2015 Germany 100 min. Language: German Subtitle: Czech


Four teenage patients meet at a psychiatric emergency unit before Christmas. Alex, unable to handle family conflicts, shy and bullied Fedja, Lara, a rebellious LSD addict, and violent Tim. They'll have unforgettable holidays under the care of young psychiatrist, Dr. Wolff. This psychological drama was nominated for the 2016 German Film Awards.


DIRECTED BY Theresa von Eltz

CINEMATOGRAPHY Kristian Leschner

SOUND Urs Krüger

PRODUCERS C-Films, Tatami Films

SCREENPLAY Esther Bernstorff

EDITING Anja Siemens

MUSIC André Feldhaus


CAST Paula Beer, Jella Haase, Jannis Niewöhner, Moritz Leu