5 October

Golden Kingfisher – Documentary Films Competition


2016 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic 61 min. Language: Slovak Subtitle: English


The story of a man who chose to leave his family because of a large tumor that took over his face. The illness is a star of a self-discovery journey – trying to escape a major decision, his own fear, as well as unbearable social interactions. Although he tries to cover the tumor with his beard, he cannot ignore his condition. Upon learning he may have only a few months left, all his plans focus on a single day – October 5th, the date of his surgery.


DIRECTED BY Martin Kollár


SOUND Tobiáš Potočný

PRODUCERS Punkchart Films

SCREENPLAY Martin Kollár

EDITING Alexandra Gojdičová, Marek Šulík

MUSIC Michal Novinski

CO-PRODUCER HBO Europe, endorfilm, 71km

CAST Ján Kollar, Barbora Katriňáková, Ján Doboš