Endless Borders / Marzhaye bi payan

Golden Kingfisher – Feature Live Action or Animated Films Competition


2023 Czech Republic, Germany 111 min. Language: English, Persian Subtitle: Czech, English





Cinema Měšťanská beseda
9/23/2023, 14:30
100.00 Kč
Cinema Měšťanská beseda
9/27/2023, 14:30
100.00 Kč



An exile for fighting against authority, Ahmed, in a small village on the border of Iran and Afghanistan takes on the role of a teacher when Iranian guards bar him from entering the country. Thus begins a harsh parable about commitments to political ideology, religion and our loved ones in the unforgiving desert. Everything is driven by Ahmed's desire to do the right thing, despite an oppressive system. The provocative co-production film is an extremely well-crafted drama-thriller and was awarded at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.



CAST Porya Rahimi Sam, Minoo Sharifi, Hamed Alipour, Behafarid Ghafarian


SOUND Mehrshad Malakooti

PRODUCERS Kaveh Farnam/ Farzad Pak

SCREENPLAY Abbas Amini, Hossein Farokhzadeh

EDITING Hayedeh Safiyar

MUSIC Atena Eshtiaghi

CO-PRODUCER Farzad pak


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