The Ballad of Piargy / Piargy

Czech Traces


2022 Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Slovak Republic 100 min. Language: Slovak Subtitle: Czech, English


This film screens As part of the program Sutnarka presents: Kat’s mother - Belarusian wedding songí + The Ballad of Piargy. To buy tickets To this program click here.


In the early 1930s, a love triangle formed under the roof of a farmhouse in the mountain village of Piargy. The spontaneous Julisha, her kind-hearted husband and violent father-in-law become an eyesore for the pious village. However, the unbridled revelry of a carnival night, when they expect the birth of their child, is interrupted by the punishment from above for this modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, when the village is buried under an avalanche. Is white hell a just punishment for a sinful village? Or perhaps the heavens prevented the coming of the Antichrist? This black and white ballad is a metaphorical story about hypocrisy, guilt and forbidden love in a strongly traditionalist setting. The Slovak Film and Television Academy gave the film incredible 12 awards.



CAST Judit Pecháček, Lucia Siposová, Attila Mokos, Daniel Fischer, Lucia Klein Svoboda, Ivan Martinka, Jana Oľhová, Jana Kvantiková, Peter Nádasdi, Lucia Vráblicová, Marián Geišberg, Karol Šimon, Miloš Kusenda, Matej Struhár, Tomáš Vravník


SOUND Ivo Heger, Juraj Baláž

PRODUCERS Arina Film, Erik Panák, Silvia Panáková

SCREENPLAY Jana Skořepová, Ivo Trajkov

EDITING Michal Reich

MUSIC Kiril Dzajkovski

CO-PRODUCER i/o post, StoryScope