The Sun is Burning / Le Soleil Brûle

German Cinema


2021 Germany 75 min. Language: German Subtitle: Czech


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A movie about relationships in a generation that is dreaming, lost and bored in a society of “freedom”, where globalization and the revolution of social media have strongly shaken the love paradigma. Partners of the German Cinema section are Czech-German Future Fund and Cottbus and Max Ophuls Preis film festivals.


DIRECTED BY Joséphine Demerliac

CAST Dimitri Stapfer Cecil von Renner

CINEMATOGRAPHY Jan Klein Jesse Mickle Eddy Schwartz

PRODUCERS Joséphine Demerliac Luca Bon

SCREENPLAY Joséphine Demerliac

EDITING Joséphine Demerliac

MUSIC Elliot Carey Pierre Leveque JR Nash Delalumiere Adi Gelbart John Object Oren Lavie Bachar Mal-Khalife The Gondors Zou


Artistic Director Suggest