To the North / Spre nord

Czech Traces


2022 Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Romania 123 min. Language: Bulgarian, English, Romanian, Spanish, Tagalog Subtitle: Czech, English





Divadlo Dialog
9/23/2023, 17:30
100.00 Kč



The film, inspired by real events from 1996, is still topical today. Dumitru and his friend decide to flee Romania and cross the ocean as black passengers to start a new life in the mythical America. They are discovered on board by Joel, a Filipino sailor, who is advised by his faith in God to provide shelter for the men so that they are not thrown overboard. But the noose around Joel's neck gradually tightens as he loses the trust of his crew, his friends, and even his God. The tense thriller was co-produced by five countries and premiered at the Venice Film Festival.


DIRECTED BY Mihai Mincan

CAST Soliman Cruz, Niko Becker, Bart Guingona, Olivier Ho Hio Hen, Alexandre Nguyen

CINEMATOGRAPHY George Chiper-Lillemark

SOUND Nicolas Becker

PRODUCERS Mikuláš Novotný, Klára Žaloudková, Radu Stancu, Ioana Lascăr


EDITING Dragos Apetri

MUSIC Marius Leftarache, Alessandro Cortini, Nicolas Becker

CO-PRODUCER Background Films, StudioBauhaus, Remora Films, Screening Emotions