Under The Family Tree

2017 | Germany | 90 min | language: German | subtitles: české

German Cinema
Small Hall Měšťanská beseda
Date and Time:
4/22/2018, 21:30
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Sixteen-year-old Isabel's desperate single mom sends her to a therapy class in a remote place by the border. Secluded in the woods, the girl undergoes sessions which should change her attitude towards her family as well as herself. But everything changes when one of the participants disappears without a trace. A German psychological thriller.

DIRECTED BY: Constanze Knoche
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Andreas Bergmann
SOUND: Felix Andriessens
PRODUCERS: Leis Bagdach
SCREENPLAY: Leis Bagdach, Constanze Knoche
EDITING: Kai Minierski
MUSIC: Felix Andriessens
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