We Have Never Been Modern / Úsvit

Golden Kingfisher – Feature Live Action or Animated Films Competition


2023 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic 117 min. Language: Czech, Slovak Subtitle: English





Cinema Měšťanská beseda
9/22/2023, 18:30
100.00 Kč
Big Hall Měšťanská beseda
9/24/2023, 17:30
100.00 Kč



It is 1937 and a gruesome discovery is made in a newly emerging industrial town at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. The body of a dead new-born baby is found on the factory premises. It is not so much the wasted human life as the ambiguous gender of the child that causes concern among the locals. God created only man and woman, and therefore the found child cannot be human. Helena, a pregnant aspiring doctor, guides us through a deeply human story about an uninformed, intolerant society, and disproves our mistaken assumption that we are at the pinnacle of progress and thinking. The epic drama about a still-controversial topic competed for the Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary festival. The author of the music is Simon Goff, winner of the Grammy Award for the Chernobyl series.


DIRECTED BY Matěj Chlupáček

CAST Eliška Křenková, Miloslav König, Milan Ondrík, Richard Langdon, Martha Issová, Luboš Veselý, Ladislav Hampl, Marián Mitaš


SOUND Peter Hilčanský, Pavel Rejholec

PRODUCERS Maja Hamplová, Matěj Chlupáček


EDITING Pavel Hrdlička

MUSIC Simon Goff

CO-PRODUCER D.N.A. Production


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